No matter how good you are at cleaning your carpet, there will always be problems occurring along the way. These are referred to as the special carpet problems that you certainly can do without. But then again, things happen and you still want to know what to do if things like these happen.

Good examples of special carpet issues would be burning, discoloration, and staining. Staining is the most common of these all, and you must have read a lot about the tips and tricks surrounding carpet stain removal. But what should you do if you have to deal with the other issues such as staining and discoloration?

How to Deal with Discoloration

Discoloration usually happens when the carpet cleaner caused fading on the carpet fiber. This problem can be solved with your artistic skills. Get an acrylic paint that’s the same color as your carpet and try to touch up the part that got discolored. If you’re not comfortable using paint, you can try using felt-tip markers instead.

When painting your carpet, remember that you go slowly. Be sure to blend the color into every fiber of the carpet. It’s going to be quite a challenge but the idea is to create the results that you want by applying the right strokes.

How to Address Depressions

Depressions are evident in carpets that are been dented by furniture for a long time. Heavy furniture causes these dents and depressions. To address this problem, simply use the steaming process. The use of steam iron will help a lot. Place the steam iron close to the carpet but don’t let it touch any of the fiber. It is going to be a problem if the carpet fibers are made with synthetic materials as they can melt.

Another way to lift the fibers of the carpet, scrape the dented area by scraping it. For that, you may use either a spoon or a coin. Either of these methods can be used, just choose the method that works for you best. Sometimes, the steam iron method won’t work as effective as the spoon method.

How to Repair Carpet Burns

To address carpet burns, you have to first cut out all the damaged area of the carpet. Then, replace them using a patch of carpet with identical shape and size. You have to look for an extra patch first before you cut the burned carpet. If you have, you can secure it using latex adhesive or double-sided tape.

Loose carpet threads should be snipped and piled. Don’t pull out any loose thread or you’ll risk unraveling the thread. Snip all charred fibers and apply white glue. Repair even the small areas so you don’t have to deal with big problems later on.

These are the things that you should make sure that you can restore the look of your carpet in case it gets damaged. Hire the professional carpet cleaner Oxford for problems that you can no longer handle. Keep yourself to the minor issues and leave all the major ones to the experts.